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Lethbridge Salute

Our Veterans Project

Lethbridge has been and continues to be a wonderful place to live, raise a family and achieve economic prosperity. The “Salute Our Veterans Program” is an exciting opportunity to celebrate, educate, and acknowledge the sacrifices that our service personnel, both past and present, have made so that we can live in peace and enjoy the freedoms we have today.

This project is a two part program. “Veterans Banners” will be strategically placed on authorized city light poles in areas with historical military significance and secondly a “Virtual Banner Website” will be created that allows the showing of each banner and tells the story of each veteran. Banners will typically be displayed each year from 1 October through Remembrance Day.

The program is an initiative of the Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch No. 4,Lethbridge’s 702 Wing Royal Canadian Air Association, and supported by the City of Lethbridge. In addition, without the assistance of various corporate and individual sponsorships and donations this program would not be possible. This initiative is truly a community effort.

We hope that by the displaying the names and faces of our veterans and telling their stories that our community will be able to connect with the everyday people who made the extraordinary decision to serve their country. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • to engage the Community in honouring local veterans in a colourful and vibrant way;
  • to help promote remembrance in our Community;
  • to help educate students and citizens on the faces and stories of the service of our Veterans
  • To help ensure recognition and remembrance in our future generations.


Banner Program Details

Please click below for answers to all your questions. If you have any questions which are not answered below, please contact us for more information.

Who Is Allowed To Be Portrayed On The Banners

Any veteran, can be portrayed on the banners.  A veteran is any person who is currently serving or who has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth or its wartime allies, or as a regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or as a Peace Officer in a Special Duty area or on a Special Duty Operation, or who has served in the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime.  The person must have some connection to the Lethbridge area (born, grew up here, or lived here, or is related to a current resident of this area). Note:  if the veteran is still living they must provide consent.

Banner Sponsorship and Cost

Any individual, family, organization, or company may sponsor a banner. Your name will appear on the banner (not logos) as a sponsor. Each Banner will cost $225.00. The preferred method of payment is by cheque made out to: RC Legion General Stewart Branch #4 Attn: Veterans Banner Program or cash.

Banner Ownership

The veteran banners will be sponsored by individuals, families, organizations or companies but the ownership of the banner will remain with the Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch #4.  Their Committee – the Veterans Banner Committee will be responsible for producing the banner, ensuring banners are put in place in the lead-up to each Remembrance Day, taken down, and placed in storage.

Photo Requirements

Please provide a high resolution photo (300 dpi or greater) of the veteran in uniform that can be enlarged to fit on a banner. The following guidelines apply.  Digital images are preferred, however, physical photos are allowed and they will be scanned in high-resolution to be used for the banner.

What Does The Banner Look Like?

All the banners will have the same uniform design.  The only changes will be to the name, service/ branch and photo.

How Many Banners Will be Placed On City Light Poles?

91 veteran banners will be placed on poles in 2022.  A further 80 in 2023 and another 80 in 2024.  The sponsorships will be available each year on a first come first served basis so we can make sure to honour as many different veterans as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put The Veteran’s Rank On The Banner?

No. Only the name, his/her service/branch and photo will appear on the banner.

Can I Choose What Light Pole My Sponsored Banner Goes On?

Regretfully not.  Individual banner locations will change from year to year. Given the number of banners and complexity of placing banners up each year and taking them down and the need for speed when doing so it is not practical to cater to individual wishes.

When Will The Banners Be Displayed?

Banners will be displayed yearly typically from 1 October through Remembrance Day and taken down as soon as practical after November 11th.

What Happens To The Banners After November 11th?

The Banners will be removed from the various light poles, cleaned, and stored as organized by the Veterans Banner Committee.

Will The Banners Be Hung Up In Subsequent Years?

Individual banners would be displayed for as many years as they remain in good condition and subject to the City continuing to allow the display of veteran banners.

What Happens If The Banners Are Damaged?

The Banners are made from very durable material which should minimize weather damage.  Indeed, in other locations they have endured very well.  Lethbridge, however, has unique weather conditions, i.e. wind, such that if damaged the Veterans Banner Committee may not be able to replace them.  The sponsor, however, would be given first right to do so.

2024 Banner Application Deadline

Banner applications for 2023 are closed. Applications for 2024 are now being accepted. They must be received no later than June 30th, 2024. Only 90 additional (over and above the 2023 banners) will be displayed in the lead up to the 2024 Remembrance Day so sponsorships will again be available on a first come first served basis.

For further information contact us: